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  • Founded in 1981 by Colin Watkin and Phil Booth in Hayle but soon moved to Falmouth/Penryn. Colin Watkin moved permanently to Japan in 1985 to pursue his passion for kendo.

  • First contact with Fujii Sensei in 1983. He became a regular visitor over many years, finally coming to live in Cornwall.

  • The club started with two 1st dans. Now has an establishment of one 5th dan, three 3rd dan and four 2nd dan. The club also has a close connection to Ronin Kai Kendo Club in Plymouth.

  • Sensei & Senpai

    • 5th Dan

      Philip Booth Sensei

      Phil started kendo in Japan in 1978 and returned to the UK in 1980. He returned to Japan for two years (1995-1997) and later from 2002 to 2010 when he became a member of Shobukan Dojo in Nagoya. Phil took 4th and 5th dan gradings during that time.
    • 3rd Dan

      Leon Robertson Senpai

      Years practicing kendo: 35

    Fujii Okimitsu Sensei

    Fujii came to the Uk in the late 1960s and quickly became a key figure in kendo in the UK. He led the first GB team to the Kendo World Championships in Japan in early 1970s.

    Fujii first visited Cornwall Kendo Club to run a weekend seminar in 1983. Following several more such visits he became a regular feature on the club's calendar. He retired to Penzance around 2006. Fujii Sensei became senior instructor and president of the Cornwall Kendo Club in 2011 until his death in 2017.

    Fujii Sensei was a 7th dan kendo and was awarded the title of Renshi.


    I first came across Kendo while on exchange to Japan in 08/09. Coming to Falmouth to study illustration in 2012, I was excited to learn that there was a local Kendo club where I could continue my training. The teaching is excellent, and everyone is encouraging and helpful. Kendo being a martial art means that trust and working closely with your training partners is instrinsic, so you make friends quickly. Everyone was incredibly fun, friendly and welcoming.

    Norwegian National Kendo Team

    Accidentally stumbling into kendo is perhaps the best thing that could have happened to me in my first year of uni in Falmouth. It just so happens that Cornwall Kendo Club is the friendliest bunch of stick waving loonies you will find this side of the Tamar, and I loved the evening trips to the pub after training.

    Norwegian National Kendo Team